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Marcie's World

Just who is the creator of this site?

My name is Marcella but all my friends call me Marcie for short. But long before the nickname came up I would be compared to the character Marcie by a few friends...well to a certain extent anyway.

For the longest time I have searched all over for sites and merchandise pertaining to Marcie. For some reason there just isn't much out there about her. So I created this site to pay homage to one of the greatest Peanuts character.

Anyway...if you give me some time to find a recent picture...I will put it up. I'm not sure why people would compare me to Marcie, since I really only have the name thing and the glasses thing going on. Oh well...

If any of you have any comments or just feel like emailing me, please feel free to do so. I love getting email. And I do try to respond to everyone that emails me.

email me!